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What server / software to use for Magento 2.0

What server / software to use for Magento 2.0

Hi first to give some info on what we are running...


We are using a dedicated server from and the specs are the following:


Running on Windows Server 2012R

Processor: AMD Hexa-Core

Speed: 6 Cores x 2.8 GHz (3.3 GHz Turbo Core)


Memory: 1,000 GB (2 x 1,000 SATA)

RAID: Software RAID 1



We are trying to upload two separate themes on it, one on the old platform (1.8 upgraded to 1.9) and a new one (2.0) the issue we are having now is that the developer have managed to upload the 1.8 and got it live on the web, however its EXTREMELY slow to upload any kind of content on, and when I say slow I mean 5-7 min to upload one 29KB photo....

However at least we have managed to get that one up and live....


The main issue is the 2.0 site which we cant even get up live... We have so far worked with x5 different developers and all of them have either admitted defeat or just completely disappeared on us and not communicating back...


The main issue is that no one seems to be able to deal with it all, the situation is the same for all of them, they start working, tell us how many mistake the previous one have made, end up with a reimage and we lose it all and have to start from scratch again...


From our limited knowledge the specs of the server should be more than sufficient so there are no reason for the server to be slow. We have been made aware that there are issues with compatability running Magento 2.0 on WS 2012R however what we wonder are there no solutions? Is it better to run on Linux? 


Basically what would be the correct setup for Magento 1.- to run on a server with Magento 2.-?







Re: What server / software to use for Magento 2.0

there is nothing wrong with your server.

probably developers too lazy, i guess they only take some fee in advance and go to another project...


MagenX - Magento and Server optimization

Re: What server / software to use for Magento 2.0

Just a thought


Why not create a Digital Ocean VM with similar specs (linux) (maybee even lower specs) and upload the current codebase to it and try and run the site as a test.


I think they even have a pre-configured vm for magento laready







Re: What server / software to use for Magento 2.0

Topic moved to the Hosting & Performance section. Smiley Happy


What issues are you facing with your Magento 2 store? It may be as simple as a PHP or MySQL incompatibility with Magento 2? 

Re: What server / software to use for Magento 2.0

System Requirements for magento2 -


You can get the complete idea.

Re: What server / software to use for Magento 2.0

From what you described, I think it's not due to your hosting/server, please ask your developers to look at installed Magento themes and Magento extensions to see if there's any conflict

You can also try some method to boost Magento load speed like caching or htaccess tweaks, image optimization...