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can i truncate the table:fl32_csp_report

can i truncate the table:fl32_csp_report



I have the following table, named fl32_csp_report, size: 2.5GB.  it's very huge table, and it affected the visiting speed when customers comes to our website. My store has been just updated from Magento 1 to Magento 2 one year before.  I couldn't find any information in google about how to truncate this table.  If I truncate it, will any serious problem be caused ? I will appreciate if anyone could supply me any information about it.


P.S: version: 2.3.5-p1   database: mysql 5.3.1


Re: can i truncate the table:fl32_csp_report

This table is related to the Content Security Policies (CSP) module, Magento_Csp which was introduced in version 2.3.5:


If you have no need for the CSP reports, it should be fairly safe to truncate the table but do make sure you take a backup before you go ahead with it just in case.