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magento 2 & pagespeed

magento 2 & pagespeed



I just ran this demo of magento ( on the Google page speed tool and didn't get a very satisfactory result:


73 / 100Suggestions Summary

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Minify JavaScriptShow how to fix
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Re: magento 2 & pagespeed

You can get Magento 2 to score higher in Google Page Speed tests if desired. The demo you listed may not be fully optimized with items such as:


- Production mode enabled with merging/minification of JS/CSS files

- static files deployed

- Use of CDN

- Varnish enabled and configured

- cache warmer used

- All images losslessly compressed fully


Re: magento 2 & pagespeed

Pagespeed optimization for Magento is built into LiteSpeed's Load Balancer product, and will be ported to the web server product soon (a month or so)...which will alleviate having to pay for developers to optimize your Magento code for PageSpeed.

Otherwise, yes, your developers should be doing this for you...

Steven Antonucci
LiteSpeed Technologies

Re: magento 2 & pagespeed

Is it possible to get 100/100 from pagespeed for Magento 2 store?

My maximum score 72 / 100 for mobile and 83 / 100 for desktop. (

Now I'm thinking about Varnish and CDN. My current hosting company doesn't allow to run any new service. Is it OK to purchase varnish hosting and run Magento store and varnish on different hosting companies?


>>> - cache warmer used
What is this? How to enable it on my store?

Re: magento 2 & pagespeed

Hi there,

you can not use varnish on another server - just the communication between those servers will slow everything down. simply move to a hosting who will setup your store on a server properly optimized for Magento 2 with varnish.


and you would want to switch to running your store from full https over HTTP/2 with ALPN. https will be faster in this case than your current http setup and varnish and it will give you an advantage with Google and your visitors will not see this crap: in the browsers.


- cache warmer is an extension or php script which loads all pages in your store to create a cache for each. without it, page cache will be created the first time this page is loaded by your visitor or search engine.


hope this helps, let me know if you need more details on something.



Anton Pachkine @ : Magento Small Business Package.