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Add SVG Compilation to Gulp

Add SVG Compilation to Gulp

Magento 2 base theme uses icon fonts which seem fairly brittle and, at least in my view, have become eclipsed by SVG icons. I would like to add a Gulp task to compile SVGs into a sprite (like this: Is there a way to avoid creating my own gulpfile.js and adding the extra step to the deployment process?  I would like to integrate with the snowdog/frontools/gulpfile.js which is handling the SCSS compilation but I'm not seeing a way to do that.


Re: Add SVG Compilation to Gulp

Hi @bassplayer7,



Have you considered submitting a Feature Request / Improvement in the Forums?

Here is the link:


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Re: Add SVG Compilation to Gulp

I'm not going to add project specific customizations to Frontools, it's up to you how to customize them.

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