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Status of integration into m2.


Status of integration into m2.

Hi peeps o/


Awesome effort by SnowDog and contributors. But what's the status of integrating this into m2 core? In 2.2 I see some preparation by having a preprocessor setting that can be set to `sass`, but nothing so far in 2.3-develop that reeks of this moving forward.

Thanks for any insights.


Re: Status of integration into m2.

SASS Theme and Frontools are not going to be part of the core.


We are not working with M core team anymore, because introducing these changes will bring lots of breaking changes, but still not make everyone happy, so we decided to keep it as standalone packages.


Currently, all efforts are in PWA Studio.

Re: Status of integration into m2.

It's impossible to make everyone happy Smiley Very Happy


Thanks for the clarity. I've seen conflicting reports on this.

Re: Status of integration into m2.

I see documents and forum posts everywhere, but I am starting a new project and evaluating Magento-base theme vs alpaca vs theme-blank-sass ..


Can you explain recommended use? Do SASS themes all use frontools that would replace Magento-recommended CLI commands? or has magento implemented some CLI usage? I see they have started to add options around different compilers and such now?


FYI - I am using Docker with a PHP container containing the node, gulp, gulp-cli and bower components necessary to start and can adapt that if necessary. Should I be building this stuff into the containers or should I require these using composer? I had theme-blank-sass working and then noticed alpaca was maybe more modern or a rewrite/re-develop but wasn't quite sure?


Also, could you provide link to or maybe mention here the appropriate commands for requiring the theme/components/tools and also standard development workflow using commands? I saw the 2017 Imagine video and this looked like an extraordinarily awesome concept but there was some missing context that could help build confidence to developers for accepting this as the new standard..Can you provide more insight? Thank you in advance!