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Trouble Loading Sass Theme in Magento Cloud


Trouble Loading Sass Theme in Magento Cloud

Just loaded up the site in Magento Cloud and am running into an issue with the theme, which seems to have an obvious cause. Just not sure how to address it.

The page is virtually blank when it loads - just a couple scraps of text and a couple of links. Looking at the requests, I see a call out to `responsive.js` and `theme.js` which are 404-ing, which I imagine is the main issue.


I have seen errors like this before throughout development, and the usual solution has been to run through the installation steps again fresh, however this is running on their environment, so we have a lot less control to jiggle the handle.


Has anyone run into errors like this before? How can I best resolve them?





Magento Cloud details, here:


It's essentially lets you push to a repository which is then automatically built and deployed, much like the experience using Heroku (another "platform as a service" or "PaaS").


Re: Trouble Loading Theme in PaaS environment

What type of service do you mean by PaaS? Someone take care of your store and you just pay for ready to use platform? If true, why are you asking here for support, if you paid for ready to use platform?


At all I'm not sure if this issue is related in any way with "LESS to SASS" project. Are you using Frontools or SASS version of Blank theme?

Re: Trouble Loading Theme in PaaS environment

We're using Magento Cloud for our production deployment, and developing our app on a native OS X implementation of Magento hosted by MAMP.


The trouble is, since we're essentially just pushing to a repository for Magento Cloud, we don't have as many controls around build scripts, so it's tough to understand what's going wrong.


What I am seeing right now is that despite being on our custom Sass theme, styles.css and print.css are missing from the header. Now, I know this is handled by the base Snowdog Blank theme, so I switched to that, which does in fact include them, but they're 404ing (we haven't figured out how to integrate gulp in this pipeline).


So do you have any idea why the parent template might not be being inherited in this environment? Or how we can build our styles for Magento Cloud?


My guess is that we'll need to generate a lot of files manually and add them to the git repository that this deployment draws from (much like Heroku).




Re: Trouble Loading Theme in PaaS environment

I have no idea how Magento Cloud works and you are literally a first guy I've ever seen who use it.


I'm pretty sure that you have some support available on Magento side and you can ask them how to customize deployment process, b/c you need to run Frontools styles compilation, there is no other way to get CSS files on staging/production (for me saving compiled files in repository is not an option).


"missing from the header" hope you mean just 404, but if they really not exist, means you messed up XML of your child theme (check theme.xml if you have "<parent>Snowdog/blank</parent>" here)

Re: Trouble Loading Theme in PaaS environment

It seems as though there is some sort of order of operations issue in this case, where everything is setup with the child theme before the parent theme (snowdog blank) is installed. I'll add further details to this ticket as I find them, but I don't imagine the bug will be specific to either Snowdog Blank or Frontools, so I can also close this, too.

Re: Trouble Loading Theme in PaaS environment

Thanks for the replies, though! Excited to go into production with this Sass theme; Frontools has been a great help.

Re: Trouble Loading Theme in PaaS environment

Well, it looks like our near-term solution is going to be to try and merge Snowdog Blank with our theme, and include our compiled files in the output. Not great, but our timeline is a little hairy, so poor choices will likely be made.