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Add information on product catalog

Add information on product catalog

Hi everybody,

i'm starting a new online shop on magento 2.0 and i'm facing a big problem. I need to add information on the backend like a product code, the place of storage, a text "how to use" and so on. Is it possible and how ? (I 've had those lables in magento 1 but we need to upgrade...and i have no php skills -not so much-)

For the brands, i've created attributes, i hope it was the best way... because i also want the brand to be visible on the product page (frontend)..

Thank you guys for your reply !


Re: Add information on product catalog

You can create attributes for "how to use" etc however, if the content in your labels will stay the same for your entire catalogue then I suggest creating a static block and displaying it on the frontend. 

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