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Any updates on the Magento PWA Studio?

Any updates on the Magento PWA Studio?

Hello all, I've been seeing local events popping up with Magento devs and such doing demos on the Magento PWA Studio.


Any word / updates on where the Magento PWA Studio is at? Any online / recorded demos? An estimate on when it'll be released? Etc etc. Quite excited about it.


Re: Any updates on the Magento PWA Studio?

Hi @aregowe,

I've seen your question in Twitter as well (, and it is good that you asked both in Twitter and the Magento Forums since those are two good places to interact and get feedback from Magento.


I will mention @jzetlen and @akent99 to see if they can provide an update for you here in the  Forums.


By the way, have you seen @jzetlen's post about PWA here in the Magento Forums? Here is the link:



Best regards.


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