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Banner slider

Banner slider

Hello all,,, 1st post... I'm a noob... and cant get the slider to show up on the home website page.... Read the posts in the forum here and nothing has worked. Im running Magento ver.


I downloaded the free slider, installed it and I can create the slider and the banners but cant get the slider to show up in the cms home page... I did read about putting code in the template and in a block...  but don't really get if I do have to do that and or how to go about that...  So is that a must... Do you have to put the code in somewhere to make it work? 


Re: Banner slider

Which banner slider you bought .. ?

Link to that slider on connect ?

Re: Banner slider

I did that,,, and it loads and I can see the slider manager and I can create the slider and the banners...but I just cant get it to display on the home page... I ve read every kind of instructions,,,even the other sliders that are on the magento market place... but the only thing I can get to work is one of those sliders that work as a widget and now I have a working widget slider on my home page... not ideal but it works,,,,,, but still cant get any of them to load... Funniest thing is how many people offered to fix it if I paid them,,, even had one guy tell me to pay him $100,,, lol... and do to the lack of response at this forum I'm fairly disgusted at the whole thing. Great community here!!! NOT!!

Re: Banner slider

Hi there, 


The magento 2.0 package is VERY different from the old one, there is not much support from open source users (Those who do it for the community.


Perhaps Magento builders did this on purpose, or not, but i can understand your frustration.


I have several items which are not totally or totally not answered on different communities.


Try to hold on for a while, there are people who are also struggling and slowly are finding the needed answers.


And maybe magento starts creating a more understandable way of communication the how-to's it would be a shame to lose all this nice open source guys and galls just because magento is aiding the heavily (over)paid programmers who sell **bleep** for gold.


I am on your side........