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Blank Homepage By Design

Blank Homepage By Design

We're developing a multi-store setup on Magento 2 and are looking to have a truly blank homepage for the default storefront. By "truly blank" I mean no scripts, no stylesheets, no content... nothing. If you look at it with any developer tools plugin you would see nothing but the most basic html markup needed to display a page.


I've found plenty of discussions where the blank page has been the result of a system problem but we're trying to do this intentionally. I know it can be accomplished with a simple index.html file and modification to .htaccess but I don't know what implications these changes would have on the Magento system as a whole, especially in regards to the multi-store configuration.


Any guidance you can offer to help make this happen is greatly appreciated. We're relatively new to Magento and seemingly simple tasks like these have been fun to figure out but also somewhat troubling.


Re: Blank Homepage By Design

Hi @Night Owl,


What if you create your theme and avoid the parent theme definition?

I guess that you'll get the desired result (at least I've done that several months ago while I was testing version 2.0)

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Re: Blank Homepage By Design

Hi @Damian Culotta,


That was one of the things I tried but it continued to load the site assets ( JS, CSS, etc. ). I don't know if it was supposed to load them with a custom 'no parent' theme but they were all there upon inspecting the homepage.

Re: Blank Homepage By Design

Just wanted to follow up on this since I've solved the issue and it's actually quite simple. With our configuration of multiple stores in their own folders, you can simply change the Directory Index of the target domain in .htaccess to use a blank index.html file. This likely won't work for a shared folder configuration but there appears to be no negative side effects in regards to our setup.