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CMS and block warning in 2.4.2

CMS and block warning in 2.4.2

Does anyone have any information on the following warning that I am seeing in the CE 2.4.2 CMS and Block content areas on save?


Temporarily allowed to save HTML value that contains restricted elements. Allowed HTML tags are: div, a, p, span, em, strong, ul, li, ol, h5, h4, h3, h2, h1, table, tbody, tr, td, th, tfoot, img, hr, figure, button, i, u, br, b

It appears to be produced by saving content with html that contains things like data toggles, iFrame embeds, etc. I've got WYSIWYG turned-off globally, but the warning still gets produced. 


I believe it has showed-up after my Magento 2.4.1 - 2.4.2 upgrade, but can't seem to find any information online in regards to the warning, so I'm wondering if anyone has any info here.


Are data-toggles, iframes and such going to be eliminated in a future release of Magento?

How soon do we have? Next version? Magento 2.5?

Will we be able to whitelist some/all of these items for use in admin content areas?


Thanks for any insight on this message.


Re: CMS and block warning in 2.4.2


I experienced the same issue today - do you have any more information that you can share on this? 

Re: CMS and block warning in 2.4.2



Is there any update on this issue from Magento or any ETA for the fix? 




Re: CMS and block warning in 2.4.2

I am also looking for information on this issue.