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CSS on Product Page not loading properly

CSS on Product Page not loading properly

I am running 2.1.5. After I upgraded to the new version, the title of the page moved. Instead of being on the right side, it's showing on the left side, on top of the picture.


This is how it should look like: (notice that "Desiree Fitness Tee" is on the right side of the page).

This is how my item is showing up: (title on top of the picture)


Any idea how to fix this? It was working perfectly when I was running 2.1.3... something happened when I upgraded the site.



Vanessa Lino

Lino Fitness


Re: CSS on Product Page not loading properly

Hi @iamjuliera,


It looks to me more like layout problem than CSS. Your page.main.title block is rendered outside of block.

It is moved inside that block by Luma theme, the following layout file:




I would recommend you to check if any of your modules or themes include catalog_product_view.xml (or even default.xml) that overrides the luma one.


Also, as a usual regular development activity that sometimes helps in case of such issues, try to refresh layout and block cache Smiley Happy

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