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Cannot Change the LOGO

Cannot Change the LOGO

Does not work, I went to ::

 Magento 2 admin.

Go to STORES > Configuration > Design > Header.

Click Choose file and select your logo.

Click Save Config.



I did all that, using the default Luma theme, fresh install no content even , and the LOGO did NOT change !


then I read, to change it manually in the files go here:

Actual path: app/design/frontend/[vendor]/[theme]/web/images/logo.svg


That is supposed to be the actual path?

yet there is nothing in my app/design/frontend folder, its empty!


This is very frustrating? I'm about to just give up on magento 2,  ridiculous., can't even change the logo on the default template, fresh install, i only added one item to the store


Re: Cannot Change the LOGO

Hi @dctweb,



Have you cleared cache to get the updated logo in the storefront?

Regarding the full path, that is in case you have a custom theme.

The Luma theme is included in the vendor/magento/theme-frontend-luma folder.



Best regards.


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Re: Cannot Change the LOGO

Yes I cleared the magento cache and the storage cache! ... but that makes me think? Should I also flush the memcache ? on the system I'll try that and get back with ya'