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Cannot connect the skin file

Cannot connect the skin file

I'm is beginner in magento.
I try to connect the library jquery-ui, but fail!
Paths to the my custom topic:


I edit the file local.xml
Path: /app/design/frontend/alokuteshop/default/layout/local.xml
<! - JQuery UI Including ->

   <reference name = "head">

       <action method = "addItem"><type> skin_js </ type>

              <script> js/lib/jquery-ui.min.js</ script>

        </ action>

    < / reference>
</ default>
<! - / JQuery UI including ->


File jquery-ui.min.js is really exist where indicated: /skin/frontend/alokuteshop/default/js/lib/jquery-ui.min.js

But magento look for it in the base:
And of course not found and display an error to the console.


What is the problem? Tell me please!


I tried to put the library in the root directory and load js through "addJs" (js/lib/jquery-ui.min.js)
It worked:
<action method = "addJs"><script>lib/jquery/jquery-ui.min.js</ script></ action>
But this is not an option!
I still need to connect another files at this theme. But it is impossible! What to do?