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Change color add to cart button

Change color add to cart button

Hello, I must first start with the following:


I am new to ADMIN in Magento.  However, I have worked with Magento for 4.5 years as a web developer adding products, creating CMS pages, and category pages.


As we all know, my skills are NOT "admin-worthy".  Yet, I've been thrown into the deep end here and now have all of these new responsibilities as an admin.


Here's the deal.  I'm under the gun on this one, and I'd really, REALLY appreaciate an answer on this ASAP.


Today, my new boss (I started working for the company this Monday) asked me to perform a very simple task: change the color of the ADD TO CART button on a site-wide spectrum.


I cannot find the template for our Magento site, despite that I'd clicked on EVERYTHING.


Finally, I have no idea what language to expect when and if one of you respond to this, and I'd like to provide the following info so that if anyone reads this, perhaps you could help me with the code.


Our current button color is # 868686.  We'd like to change it to # f5d27c


In summary, I'm looking to find the directory where the Magento site add to cart is located, that's a mystery to me.  Secondly, how to make that color change on the add to cart button.


Thanks guys, I wait with baited breath.


- Dizzy

Sorry for being a noOb, any help would be appreciated




Re: Change color add to cart button

Hi Dizzy,


What version are you using?