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Content > Design > Configuration

Content > Design > Configuration



I have M2 installed with a multi-site set up.


On going to Content > Design > Configuration no records are available and I have no options to change logo's / headers etc..


I just get a blank screen with a table where no records can be found.


This was working previoulsy and has just 'disappeared' 


Can anyone point me in the right direction to look and solve the issue.





Re: Content > Design > Configuration

It's almost like DB was wiped. Sorry I don't recall table to check (on my iPhone).

Do you have indexing cron job running? )(I doubt this is problem, but worth checking)

Have you tried flushing all caches? There is a config cache. Just wondering if the cache got corrupted somehow. (That would be a bug.)

If you can repeat sequence I would definitely submit a bug report on github.

Re: Content > Design > Configuration



Thanks for responding - sorry for the delay in replying hadn't checked the community.


It was definitely a DB issue - although I am unable to re-create how it was wiped. All i can distinctly remember is that my nearly 2 yr old was with me that day and I recall her hitting a few keys on the laptop (haven't a clue which ones) - but I was not logged into the DB just admin.


The only way I could solve was to roll the DB back until the options appeared again. 


Re: Content > Design > Configuration


Is empty 


here is my query will need to change yourtheme_theme_id 


INSERT INTO `design_config_grid_flat` (`entity_id`, `store_website_id`, `store_group_id`, `store_id`, `theme_theme_id`) VALUES (0,NULL,NULL,NULL,''),(1,1,NULL,NULL,'4'),(2,1,1,1,'4');