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Crowdsourcing Theme Design

Crowdsourcing Theme Design

Hi everyone, just signing up as I've got a potential first client / family friend (so its a good opportunity to make some learning mistakes) who wants an online shop which Magento is well suited for. 


I've previously developed in Wordpress and after reading/watching tutorials about Magento have a good understanding of the basics. My design skills are poor, so I'm looking to outsource the design to one of these crowdfunding sites like 99designs or designcrowd. In the specification I need to write the list of pages/blocks that need to be designed. My list looks like so:

  • Homepage
  • Category Page
  • Single Product Page
  • Search Results Page
  • Text based page with common element styles (to be used for about us, delivery info, etc)
  • Sign in / register page
  • Checkout & basket pages
  • Review pages


Have I missed anything?


I'll probably end up asking the designer to design just the homepage and product page as part of the competition and will ask for the design to complete the rest separately. I'll then find a suitable PSD to Magento coder and move like that. Any tips/advice would be most welcome. 


Re: Crowdsourcing Theme Design



It might be late to add answer to your question. Yet, just want to share a few notes in case you're still seeking for help on Magento theme design. 


We're not against the crowdsourcing theme design, yet it might not be a perfect path for Magento we think. Once you have specific requirements, contact a team or designer/developer you know to push the project forward. Or you can start from a pre-made theme, instead of doing everything from the ground up. This way will save you time and cost, while you get all typical Magento pages in place (including those you mentioned). 



Ubertheme Team

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