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Deploy static view files


Deploy static view files

Hello everyone.


Im quite new to magento2 but i think i have managed to finally get it setup.


However i created a child theme with parent as Magento/Blank.


But then i realized that there was no original theme files in the apps/design/frontend/Magento ?


I have read around the forums and everyone is pointing me towards running this command in the root directory ''/bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy''


Which i have done but it tells me that there is '-bash /bin/magento No such file or directory'...


I have tried several different things, and tried to run it as magento user and root user but nothing is working.


Please can anybody advise further. Many thanks


Re: Deploy static view files

I am not clear with your question. But I try to give answer for what i understood.


First, to deploy static files in Magento 2, use bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy. I find that your command starts with slash( /bin/magento ), it checks bin/magento in root folder.


Next, You can't find any files in app/design/frontend/Magento. Instead everything will be available in Vendor/Magento directory. You should have manually copy the files from Vendor/Magento/theme-frontend-blank directory.

Re: Deploy static view files

Thanks for that. It was the '/' that was stopping it.


Thanks for your help