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Editing slider

Editing slider

Hi Guys,


Newb to the site and magento. I've just started with a company who uses magento for their online store.


There's a slider on the homepage and I can't find anywhere on the site where I can edit it. I've look online and on YouTube. I've searched the blocks and also the system>configuration, but nothing anywhere that houses the slider editing page.


I've found this on the home pages section:


I 'think' its a slickslider.list.theme ...but unsure


Is there anywhere else I can look? 


Thanks...and help!


Re: Editing slider

Download the complete site with ftp and do a search for the text slickslider inside the files.


I think it is in vendor/slickslider/etc.etc.etc./ dir.

in this dir theres a file with the same name in which the slider is called.


I read that you already checked your XML additions, hardcoded is the solution


hope it helps ya a bit