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Error after installation - Total beginner

Error after installation - Total beginner

Hello Magento Community,


I'm a beginner and I've started following a book to learn theming (Magento 2 Theme Design). I finally got Magento 2 installed, but I now get a weird error instead of the Luma store I was expecting. Please see the screenshot. I'd be grateful for any help as it's put a stop on my learning before I've even got going!



2017-06-01 12_56_36-Home Page.png


Re: Error after installation - Total beginner



What steps did you take to deploy your theme? It's also worth checking that you deployed your theme for the right locale. 

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Re: Error after installation - Total beginner

Thank you for your response.


I installed the standard version of Magento 2 download as per instructions on a local Xxamp server. I had "Readiness Check" errors to correct in the php.ini file. I did have trouble finding the correct php.ini file to correct and this may be my problem. I may have changed other php.ini files incorrectly.


I uncommented

always_populate_raw_postdata = -1




I wonder if my best course of action is to delete the install and start again?



Re: Error after installation - Total beginner

@LeoHartas, Have you check your CMS Homepage,whether you have defined any custom block file and those block files are not getting in homepage. May be this type of issue create error like you have display in homepage. Otherwise you have to show your cms Homepage code to debug more in details. so you can add your cms page content in your post.


Run command from your root of magento, 

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Clear cache.


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