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French Translation Package

French Translation Package

I just purchase the french pack from the marketplace and I have asked the seller my question but they are not responding. So I am trying to see if anyone can help me.

I downloaded the files and this is all I have (composer, Registration, Language and fr_FR.csv).

Please see print screen

Can anyone tell me where do I put these files? Is it in app/code/?

or I have seen people that created in their themes folder "i18N" and put the excel files in there. 

Any help would be great. 

I understand how to add a storeview and setup in the magento admin. Just not sure where to put the files that I purchased.


Re: French Translation Package

Hi @chichitsai0517 

You add your language pack file withing below path:

Path: app/design/frontend/<Vendorname>/<themename>/i18n/<language_pack>.csv 
example: app/design/frontend/<Vendorname>/<themename>/i18n/en_US.csv 

After put file , please run following command:

bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Reference url:

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