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Front End Dev Needed

Front End Dev Needed

This has certainly been the most frustrating experience I have ever had with a piece of software.  I have now reached a point that I am willing to turn this part of the project over to a front end designer that can either 


a) design the front end including proper navigation links and store layout or

b) provide guidance on how to perform these steps in layman's terms and be willing to answer questions regarding the development.


While I have a decent grasp of technology and software, this software has proven most frustrating in the lack of documentation available on google.  The documentation listed here doesn't match what's installed in my instance and I'm not sure if the disconnect is in the documentation or a bad install.  I love how powerful this software is, but its clear that it was written for an engineer, not a small business owner.


So with that, I'd like to find a qualified developer to assist with getting this going.  Please PM me with your rates, qualifications, and turn around time.


Thank you.