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How to change footlink

How to change footlink

Hello all

I need your help
Please look at

At the bottom of the front page there are some links like Om oss and so on. Quite common only in Norwegian. As you see the links itself is in english.
I wanr to change the url to norwegian. The text is in Norwegian but I want to have the url in Norwegian aswell

How do I change this ?
I thought it was located under Footer links but I cannot find it there. Can it be coded directly in the theme template ?

I am running Magento 2.0


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Re: How to change footlink

Check under Content > Blocks to see if you have a footer links block.


Changing the links, however will then link to non-existent pages.


To change the url of pages, you need to change the info on the pages themselves.


See Content > Pages for the url key.

Re: How to change footlink



Yes I do have a footer link block and they contains links but it don't seem to be those links that are shown.

I don't find those links ate footer links block so I just wonder if I need to alter the code of any of the files ?

Re: How to change footlink

There's several places the links could be.


You can check under Content > Blocks to see if there's any other blocks that may contain them.  Some themes may also have a custom spot to change them.


As an alternative, you can switch to Developer mode in Stores > Configuration > Advanced > Developer and turn on template hints and blocks to see where they're located.  Once you've done so, you can then see if they're in a block or a .phtml file.


Just make sure if the links are coded directly that you update the url on the pages as well or the links will no longer work.