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Image Creation

Image Creation


I'm creating a site based on entrance doors and I wish to find out if there is an easier way to generate so many product images as I have the following combinations....


-40 different door styles

-24 different colours for each style

-37 different glass options for each style of door


On the main product listing page the user will be able to see all 40 different door styles, and when they pick a door style they will be directed to another listing page which shows that particular door style but with all 37 different glass options, then when they choose a glass option it will take them to product detail page where they can select colour options and it will be shown on the main image. 


Apologies if the above seems like I am rambling on but it's the best way for me to explain what it is I'm trying to achieve.


Re: Image Creation


Has your query been resolved. We would like to get on 30 minutes call with our experts to solve your problem. We would not charge for our consultation.