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Integrating Magento site with Wordpress

Integrating Magento site with Wordpress

I created a Wordpress site for a client. Separately, the client had another developer create a Magento cart. However, the Magento cart is not just a cart, its an entire webpage with different styles than the Wordpress site I created. 


We'd like to keep the Wordpress site, and integrate the Magento cart into it. Would it be possible to strip down the Magento cart page, ie, removing the nav bar and header, and iframing it into the Wordpress site? Or is there another way to integrate Magento into Wordpress without recreating the entire Magento cart?


Thank you for any feedback.



Re: Integrating Magento site with Wordpress

Hi @cgl102770

You don't need to think of such complicated like that.

Because WooComerce of Wordpress will take the same function like add to cart of Magento does.

There is no way to implement a Magento plugin to Wordpress site.

Therefore; all you need to gain your purpose is to purchase and install a WooCommerce Multiple Purpose. Which includes add to cart function to make your site work as an online shop.

Here is an example:


Don't worry if you already have a wordpress website, you can on/off plugins to make it perform the best.