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Magento 2 Themes: What are they Good for?


Magento 2 Themes: What are they Good for?

Based on my preliminary research, you can use a Magento 2 theme to


  1. Add additional, or replace already defined, translation strings for Magento’s __ localization function
  2. Specify the height and width for named Magento image assets
  3. Replace any front end asset files added by a Magento module
  4. Replace any email template file
  5. Add files for Magento’s //@magento_import LessCSS directive to consume
  6. Add additional layout handle XML files to merge when Magento merges a specific module’s layout handle XML
  7. Override a module’s layout handle XML file (edited)

Is there anything else you change change about Magento's system behavior via a theme?