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Magento 2's Monthly Static Sales Data For Accounting

Magento 2's Monthly Static Sales Data For Accounting



I have one question regarding Magento 2 sales report for accounting purpose.


As an accountant, I would like to generate the monthly static sales data report (i.e. actual sales taken place - point of sales for each sales) and I wonder whether there is a way for me to produce such report on Magento 2.


At the moment, our Magento 2's sales data are not showing static data each month (based on sales order viewing option in Magento 2). Say the total for all February 2018 sales is £950,000 as of 1st of March 2018 and three months down the line (say as of 31 May 2018), the total of all February 2018 sales has changed to £920,000. Why is this so? I believe that there could be some refunds taken place later after February 2018 and Magento 2 has gone back to the sales orders initiated in February 2018 to correct the sales. Or, can this be an issue caused by the changes of the status in some of February 2018 sales?


I am not entirely sure why the sales data are constantly moving. Is there a way for me to view static monthly sales report on Magento 2 or is there an extension out there that does such reporting task?


Many thanks.