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Magento 2 theme

Magento 2 theme



I try to make a new theme, following this : .


After I save registration.php, admin page crushed. 


Also, folder /app/design/frontend/Magento is empty. Luma and blank theme files are not there.


Any ideea? 


Thank You.



Re: Magento 2 theme

My advices how to diagnose Magento 2 errors:

Re: Magento 2 theme

Found the same thing as far as the directory structure not matching earlier tutorials ...  it appears that the latest available download for Magento 2 (ver 2.0.0 - Added Nov 17, 2015 )  has changed since the tutorials were made.   That's the only thing I can think of to explain all the differences...


Been nice if they released accurate help guides with this release considering how much different it is.