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Magento2 cannot add css or js files

Magento2 cannot add css or js files

Really HATE magento2 so far, I'm really hoping for some help on a few basic things so I can move past this...


I put a question out on stack exchange, and a few people answered... problem is, what they say sounds correct, but it still doesn't work for me.


All I am trying to do is add a CSS file and a few JS files to my theme...


here's what I've done so far:


Created a custom theme based on luma, by following directions, enabled theme... seems to work.

but my default-head-blocks-xml does nothing, I can't add anything. (or I should say I DO add it there, and it does not work)

have cleared all cache files, pub, etc.


Here's my original question with screenshots and such of my folder paths


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