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Migrating Magento 2 theme from less to sass

Migrating Magento 2 theme from less to sass

As you may already know, there were a lot of discussions about Magento front-end approach. After long discussions at Imagine, Developers Paradise and other events, most of front-end developers agreed that developer oriented approach to theming Magento 2 is a must. To do that, it needs to be simplified and ported to the most popular technologies (less to sass is only small part of it).


At SNOW.DOG, we decided to contribute some of our time to build some basics for that and now, when project is getting more mature and popular, would like to know ideas and comments form other developers, extension architects and merchants what they miss in default theme.


If you are experienced and skilled front-end developer who would like to contribute to this project, just message me. Even if you're not that experienced, your feedback and ideas are welcome. If we make it really good together, Magento may decide to go this way.


Actual status of the project:



Extra dev tools:


Let's move Magento 2 to Sass. Can you help?
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