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Modifying phtml file doesn't seem to be recognized


Modifying phtml file doesn't seem to be recognized

I've been trying to make some modifications to the grouped product layout of the luma theme, preferably by doing it the right way instead of directly modifying the files as we have done in the past.


I downloaded the example theme extension from here, and modified the files to fit. Following the documentation here and here, I attempted to create an overriding phtml file for the Grouped Product page. I also made sure to select the Customized Luma theme in the configuration for Magento.


So far, I haven't been able to get the override page recognized.


Here is the file tree I have going on so far for this:

Magento 2 Base Directory

  • app/
    • design/
      • frontend/
        • HBP/
          • CustomizedLuma/
            • Magento_GroupedProduct/
              • layout/
                • (empty) 
              • templates/
                • product/
                  • view/
                    • type/
                      • grouped.phtml
            • Magento_Theme/
              • layout
                • default.xml
            • media/
              • preview.jpg
            • web/
              • css/
                • source/
                  • _theme.less
              • fonts/
                • (empty)
              • images/
                • logo.png
              • js/
                • (empty)
            • composer.json
            • registration.php
            • theme.xml

I have copied /vendor/magento/module-grouped-product/view/frontend/templates/product/view/type/grouped.phtml to /app/design/frontend/HBP/CustomizedLuma/Magento_GroupedProduct/templates/product/view/type/grouped.phtml and made minor modifications to it like inserting "<h1>Is This File Even The Right One?!?!?!</h1>" just to make sure everything was working.


After clearing the folders listed in the note on this page...


rm -rf pub/static/frontend/*

rm -rf var/view_preprocessed/*


.. and restarting varnish in order to clear the cache...


systemctl restart varnish


...I wind up with absolutely no modification at all. It takes forever to load the page again, which I figure it Magento regenerating all the files I removed, but nothing changes.


Does anyone know what I'm doing incorrectly?


Re: Modifying phtml file doesn't seem to be recognized

Ok, so I've figured this out. I'm feeling exceptionally stupid right now, but in case someone else comes along in a similar situation...

Check the design change schedule in the back end (Content -> Schedule, under the Design header). Apparently at some point a theme got specified in there, keeping it at the default Luma theme. Once I changed this, it worked exactly as expected.


I can't believe I missed that.