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No option to change header in 2.1.3

No option to change header in 2.1.3

I have a fresh install of CE 2.1.3 with the lumo sample data...I am wanting to start modifying changing logos colors etc...

My issue is when I goto CONTENT > DESIGN > admin section

The page states there are no records found and I am unable to make any changes

Is there something wrong with the install or have I missed some previous step for this to be available?



Re: No option to change header in 2.1.3

Hi @dragon_sa,


Since this has been posted several weeks ago, I would like to know if you were able to find the solution.

Please let us know.
Best regards.

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Re: No option to change header in 2.1.3

I also asked the same question on the magento stackexchange site this sql query made it possible to have a  record to edit,

INSERT INTO `design_config_grid_flat` VALUES ('0',NULL,NULL,NULL,''),('1','1',NULL,NULL,''),('2','1','1','1','');
and then running
php bin/magento indexer:reindex design_config_grid


but alas editing the header and changing the logo in the backend did not change any of the data in the front end, I even installed another theme which I purchased and that wouldnt change any of the front end information either while it showed it as changed in the admin section.

I am assuming there is some problem with the softalicous installer perhaps which may have caused it to not setup properly.

While I could switch between the themes, it is like the system was locked to the default unmodified themes.