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Only shows one small image on product page Magento 2.4.1

Only shows one small image on product page Magento 2.4.1

Hey guys,


This is Ann, I'm new to magento. This site only shows one small image on the product page instead of full size, while all other thumbnail images are loaded and then disappeared one by one immediately. Could anyone point out what's wrong and how can I solve it? I tried to reindex and flush caches, but it's not working. I also tried to resize the image, but it timed out in the terminal and failed (There are a lot of images on this site though). 






Re: Only shows one small image on product page Magento 2.4.1

There are a few things I would check to troubleshoot the issue of image displaying on Magento product pages:

  • Check file permissions on the media folder where product images are saved. The web server user needs read access to these files.
  • Confirm your Magento file system ownership and permissions are set correctly for image processing to work properly.
  • Check for errors in /var/log/debug.log and /var/log/system.log related to image processing or file access when loading a product page.
  • Make sure your Magento installation meets the latest requirements, including PHP extensions like GD, ImageMagick, etc.
  • Try adjusting the "Max Image Width" and "Max Image Height" values in Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Product Image Options.
  • If resizing fails, your original images may be too large. Try uploading smaller source images.

Re: Only shows one small image on product page Magento 2.4.1

Hi Ann, Did you get your issue resolved? 

For me, There could be a few different reasons for the behavior you're describing. Here are some points you can take to troubleshoot and solve the problem:

  1. Check Configuration Settings: Make sure you have the correct settings configured for product images. You can navigate to 

    Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog > Product Image

    in the Magento admin panel. Ensure that you have the right image size and display settings configured.

  2. Check Theme and Customizations: If you're using a custom theme or have made modifications to the product page template, there might be code affecting the image display. Check your theme's template files to make sure there's no custom JavaScript or CSS causing issues with image loading.

  3. Check Image URLs: Inspect the image URLs that are being generated for the product images. Ensure that the URLs are correct and lead to the expected images. If the URLs are incorrect, it might be a configuration issue or a problem with your server.

  4. Server and Hosting Issues: Slow image loading or timeouts could be related to server or hosting issues. If your server has limited resources or your hosting plan is not suitable for the amount of images you have, it could lead to such problems.

  5. Image Resizing and Compression: Magento usually generates different sizes of product images for various purposes (thumbnail, small, base, etc.). If the image resizing process fails, it could be due to resource limitations. You might need to optimize your server or increase its resources to handle the image processing.

  6. Debugging and Logging: Enable logging in Magento to capture any errors or warnings related to image loading. Check the logs for any relevant information that might help you pinpoint the issue.

  7. Third-Party Extensions: If you're using third-party extensions related to image handling or product display, one of them might be causing the issue. Disable extensions one by one to see if the problem is resolved.

Make sure to always back up your site before making any significant changes or modifications. Good luck with resolving the image issue on your Magento site! Smiley Happy 

Feel free to reach out if you need any further assistance. 

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