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PageBuilder Buttons with DropDown Customization

PageBuilder Buttons with DropDown Customization

I'm working to enhance my front end by making buttons and/or images have dropdowns. I'm on 2.4.6-p3 open source, running on Nexcess hosting.


The use case is that I have several levels of submenus and would like to expose those sublevels without the user having to navigate through blocks that espose the categories one by one.




  • Top level category
    • Sub Category 1
      • Sub Category A
      • Sub Category B
      • Sub Category C
    • Sub Category 2
    • Sub Category 3

I have a block that shows images (and a text hyperlink) on the Top Level Category For Sub 1, 2, & 3. I'd like to have the image (and the hyperlink text) drop down to allow direct access on Category 1, to Categories A, B, & C.


My blocks are built in PageBuilder to make continuity and consistency with all other blocks easier. But I can't edit any of the entities on these PageBuilder blocks by adding elements to in html.


Is this possible? Is there an example I can follow? Is there a commercially available extension?