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Picture background for category pages

Picture background for category pages



is it possible to set a picture as a fullscreen background for the category pages? 

If it is only possible with CSS, can it be done within the admin-panel? And What is the instruction-code.


Thank you very much



Re: Picture background for category pages



It is possible using the CSS but there is no way to do it via the admin panel. 


The only option you have is to put the following piece of code in your magento_catalog/web/css/module.less file in your Magento theme and then compile it. 



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Re: Picture background for category pages

Thank you very much for your answer. I understood that the only way ist to modify the CSS-Instructions but unfortunately i can't find a module.less file, but there is a _module.scss file.

I've modified this instead - and several others too - but without success.

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