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Porto demo 19 customization

Porto demo 19 customization

Hey guys new to magento and customizing, Anyone mess around with Proto demo 19 at all? Im trying to put the little icons on the side for the homepage but cant seem to figure out where to do that and where to change the pics for the jumbo tron and so forth


Re: Porto demo 19 customization

Hi @stalliontek,



Since you are new to Magento, I recommend you to download and read the Official Magento Design Guide.

There you can read all you need to know to customize the front-end of your website.

If you have any specific question about that guide, just let us know!



Best regards.


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Re: Porto demo 19 customization

Thank you Ive been looking for some sort of documentation! Very helpful!

Re: Porto demo 19 customization

Id love any other resources you have for beginners!