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Problem with blogs

Problem with blogs



I have magento 2 community edition.


I was trying to have blogs on my website and realise that it is not that easy as I thought it would be.


1. I realised that the only way I can have blogs is by purchasing a module. Is it true?


2. I downloaded a free module for blogs from magento.marketplace called Awesome Blog by Magefan and tried installing it. But it had some problem with .htaccess. I reached by server provider which is Siteground, but they also couldn't resolve the issue. 


3. Is there any other blog module I can download.?


Please help.


Thanks in advance.




Re: Problem with blogs

Hi @himanshu_bhatnagar,
I would suggest you the blog extension developed by here I share the link below.

If my answer is solution is helpful, give kudos and accept as solution

Best regards

Re: Problem with blogs

Can't tell what the Magento Blog Extension by Magefan was back in 2018 but now I know it has grown so much. That's for sure. And the fact it has some features not even all paid blog extensions have is really convenient.

Re: Problem with blogs

Hi there,

I would recommend you this Magento 2 Blog Extension by LandOfCoder.

This extension help you to attract more target audiences to the online store through quality content.

Moreover, you can also improve your marketing efforts and smoothly transfer promotion messages to your beloved customers and eventually, boost the sale of your website and earn more benefits. With many improved additional features comparing to the Magento 2 blog extension free version, Magento 2 Blog Extension will not disappoint you.


Key features include:

  • Create Unlimited Importers Smartly
  • WordPress DB Importer Management
  • Run Import Mananually or Enable Cron job
  • Support Generate Sitemap FEATURED
  • Support Google Rich Snipets code
  • Support Open Graph code
  • Multiple Beautiful Page Layouts
  • Touch-Optimized Owl Carousel

Help it can help you solve your current issue.