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Problem with blogs

Problem with blogs



I have magento 2 community edition.


I was trying to have blogs on my website and realise that it is not that easy as I thought it would be.


1. I realised that the only way I can have blogs is by purchasing a module. Is it true?


2. I downloaded a free module for blogs from magento.marketplace called Awesome Blog by Magefan and tried installing it. But it had some problem with .htaccess. I reached by server provider which is Siteground, but they also couldn't resolve the issue. 


3. Is there any other blog module I can download.?


Please help.


Thanks in advance.




Re: Problem with blogs

Hi @himanshu_bhatnagar,
I would suggest you the blog extension developed by here I share the link below.

If my answer is solution is helpful, give kudos and accept as solution

Best regards

Re: Problem with blogs

Can't tell what the Magento Blog Extension by Magefan was back in 2018 but now I know it has grown so much. That's for sure. And the fact it has some features not even all paid blog extensions have is really convenient.