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Product page template & attributes.

Product page template & attributes.

I'm hoping you can help me learning how to edit templates.


I've successfully set up a new theme (so I don't need to edit core files) which is essentially a copy of Luma. I want to edit the product page layout, in particular the attributes.


Which file do I need to change to alter this? The first thing I want to do is remove the "more information" tab and have the information on "Details".


In addition to this, is there a way to alter the position of specific attributes? I want the important ones to be in a more prominent location.


Finally, I've set up an attribute to be a "Image Swatch". I want it to be selectable in the backend and show the image on the front end (it's washing instructions), but it just shows the text. Is there a way to show the images?


Re: Product page template & attributes.

How are the attributes shown on a Magento 2 frontend product view?


How to add a tab to a Magento 2 frontend product view?

Re: Product page template & attributes.

Thanks for the information. However, there is no such directory as /app/code/Magento/ in my installation - are these files also elsewhere in Magento, or so I need to create stuff in that folder?