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Question on UX logic during Credit Card billing sequence

Question on UX logic during Credit Card billing sequence



Just a quick question out of curiosity, but currently within Magento 2 (using Braintree as our CC provider), when the user enters in their billing information on checkout .. they need to click a button called "Update" before they can successfully place the order. 


This seems like a weird UX issue, why can't the system just automatically accept what was entered and than allow the user to process their credit card? 


Steps for testing:  (We tested using BrainTree, so perhaps it maybe their issue only?)

1. Add a product to the cart

2. On the payment page, enter in new email address. 

3. Select Credit Card, and enter in address information

4. I can enter in my Credit Card information now, but the "Place Order" button is disabled. 

(Notice the "Update" button in blue on the far right?)


Once the Update button is clicked, than the Place Order button is enabled. 


So to summarize my questions: 

1. Can the system just automatically update, without requiring user interaction? 

2. Why was this implemented in this format - ie: why even have this control to begin with when its a new address? (I can understand an update button if you're updating an existing address in My Account, but not on the checkout page).