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Renaming theme

Renaming theme



I cloned the Magento2 directory, created a new theme in app/design/frontend, which was properly listed in the frontend admin panel. Then I renamed the theme ("mv Mytheme mytheme", etc), but it wasn't reflected in the frontend admin panel, so I removed the folder, but it's still in the admin panel. I tried the command lines "magento cache:clear" and "magento cache:flush", but it's still here.


How should I fix this issue ?


Re: Renaming theme

I fixed my issue by doing the following steps :

  1. Remove the theme folder from app/design/frontend/<Vendor>/.
  2. Clear the content of var/view_preprocessed/
  3. Clear the content of pub/static/frontend/
  4. Open the Magento’s database, go to the theme table then search and delete the theme row.
  5. Clear the cache with php bin/magento cache:flush.

As explained below :


However, is there any more friendly way to fix such issue ?