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Safe source for Magento 2 themes

Safe source for Magento 2 themes

I'm aware of WordPress users having problems after downloading WordPress themes that contain viruses from unscrupulous sites. Does Magento have the same issue? Do I need to be careful where I get themes from? Is there any way to identify malicious code in a theme?


Given that Magento Connect only has version 1.x themes; where is a safe alternative for sourcing Magento 2 themes?


Re: Safe source for Magento 2 themes

I am managing a list of the Magento 2 design themes:

Re: Safe source for Magento 2 themes

Thanks. Will check out your list.


To the question of viruses; is this something that I need to worry about? How can I ensure a thene is safe?

Re: Safe source for Magento 2 themes

Hi Scorpio, 


We at have created themes and extensions for Magento since 2009. Even though my reply is late, if you still seek for new Magento 2 theme, please take a look to see if our M2 collection is a good fit for your project. 



Here're our latest M2 themes: 

- UB MegaMall:

- Crafts 2.0:


We created these themes from the ground up, all the source codes are clean, following Magento 2 code standard. 



Hope you have more choices to consider for your M2 projects.



An Nguyen

On behalf of Ubertheme team

We have been building for Magento since 2009. See our growing Magento 2 Extensions & Themes collection.
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Re: Safe source for Magento 2 themes is one of trustworthy sources for Magento 2 themes. I collect the list of best Magento 2 design themes on Themeforest here
Orson Ultimate Magento 2 & 1 Theme
Emeral Magento 2 Jewelry Theme
Aliana  Responsive Magento 2 Theme 
Molly Elegant & Clean Multipurpose Magento 2 &1 Theme

Re: Safe source for Magento 2 themes



Stay tuned to Magento2 themes page -


Many new Magento 2 themes are coming soon.