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Shipping type by products type or weight?

Shipping type by products type or weight?

is it possible to assign a shipping type to certain products? in wordpress is very easy all you have to do is create the classes and assign the class to the products you want. 


for example: I want to  have free shipping for jewelry products. so they are always free shipping and if other categories are added to the cart the shipping only calculate those by weight.




Re: Shipping type by products type or weight?

Hi @starlyns,

You can set free shipping easily in magento 2 as well.

You can follow the below Magento document.

For the shipping using weight, you can use table rate shipping rate shipping method.
For more info:

I hope it will help you!

Re: Shipping type by products type or weight?

@starlyns there is a simple and clear solution for your case:

1) Add "Shipping Type" custom attribute to your Magento (you probably have one already)

2) Add "Jewelry" as one of the values for your Shipping Type attribute

3) Map your jewelry products in the catalog with "Jewelry" shipping type

4) Set your Free Shipping option

5) Set a Shipping Rule for "Free Shipping" to make it available only when "Jewelry" shipping type is in cart


This could be easily done with Calcurates which works with any Magento custom attribute as a condition for your shipping rules. You've mentioned "jewelry" as a product category. In that case, there is no need to create a shipping type attribute as we support categories as a rule condition too.

Re: Shipping type by products type or weight?

Hi @starlyns ,


I think here you should integrate a third-party extension. Check Custom Shipping Extension for Magento 2 stores to enhance this feature. Solve your problem within minutes.


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