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Start from scratch or not?

Start from scratch or not?

Hey Guys,


I have taken up a new development role with Magento and although I have a lot of frontend experience I am pretty new to Magento. I have been given a full set of UI designs for a new build and am wondering what approach to take. My instinct is to build out the templates traditionally so I have a working UI and then work through the best way to integrate all the frontend code into Magento.


Question is...

1. Is building outside of Magento inherently flawed, am I going to end up with more headaches than attempting to build in from the get go?


2. Should I be building from scratch or should I be using the basic theme to build on top? Or is this going to end up making it difficult for me to shoehorn the new design in.


Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Re: Start from scratch or not?

Use the standard Luma design theme for the first time: it will keep the project simplier.