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Swapping columns desktop/mobile

Swapping columns desktop/mobile

Hi all,

We're currently migrating our content from HubSpot CMS to Magento 2.4.2.


In HubSpot we used a template that consists of "rows"/blocks, with image left and text right or vice versa. We used them alternating, which we found looks nice on desktop. Example:


On mobile however, images and text should come alternating, otherwise it looks odd. 


Does anyone have an idea how to do that trick in Magento CMS?


So on desktop it should look like:

Row 1: text left, image right

Row 2: image left, text right

Row 3: txt left, image right 

and so on.


And on mobile it should come up like





and so on


Would be great if anyone could help Smiley Happy


Thanks & kind regards