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Swapping prices around.

Swapping prices around.



I've been trying this for what seems like ages but I'm at a dead end and google hasnt helped Smiley Sad


I'm displaying both prices on the frontend (inc tax and excl tax). At the moment it looks like this:



Ex. Vat: £22.46


I want the Ex VAT price to be first, and display the label for inc VAT, like so:


Ex.VAT: £22.46

Inc. VAT: £25.00


Does that make sense? This would apply for the catalog and product view.


I've modified files left right and centre to no avail, so I guess it is in an XML somewhere, but which one and what to put?


Please help Smiley Happy

Thank you.


Re: Swapping prices around.

Does anyone have an answer to this. I'm having the exact same problem.