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The world's first automatic PWA builder for Magento2

The world's first automatic PWA builder for Magento2


This entry will probably be of interest to all those who are disappointed with "ultra-fast", and in fact slow, PWA solutions.

About a two years ago, we presented for you an example of our frontend for Magento2, created in the headless technology with full integration via Rest API.

After intensive work, we have created the first automatic builder for magneto2, which automates and simplifies the entire PWA creation process as much as possible:
1. Creating a PWA demo connected to your store is possible in 5 minutes
2. Launching a PWA for your store can be completed in one working day using a ready-made template or within a month with custom graphics.

How did we do it?

We have two types of integration:
a) PWA checkout
b) Checkout on the side of Magento2

In the second option, there is so little work that the integration is mostly limited to:
a) Installing our module in magento2
b) Changes in your domain's DNS configuration

This type of integration was implemented, for couple of our clients, where we managed to obtain a 50% increase in conversion and an average value of purchases by 80%. You can read case story on our webstie. 

We get inquiries - how the script is doing with a larger database, so we have prepared a demo for you based on fixtures "medium"
That is 24k standard products and additionally 640x24 configurable products, which gives a total of 40,000 SKU`s

Using this demo as an example, you can check how our solution works with this database size. You can pay attention to:
1. speed of loading of individual pages
2. speed of receiving full-context search results.
3. speed of filtering products in categories.
4. After entering the product, the database is queried for the current stock status of the product, so that the stock and inventory status is given in real time - the response time can be seen.
5. You can see what PageSpeed ​​Insights ratings PWA receives for the homepage, product page and category.
6. Using the demo example, you can check how the integration version with "redirecting" checkout to magento2 works.

What is needed to integrate the PWA demo with your store?

1. we need this access to the Rest API Magento for the "read" methods. Ie. only for information that is publicly available anyway.
2. we recommend that you go through the process yourself on our site 


PWA for Magento 


We are curious about your opinion on this type of integration.

We are happy to answer any question.