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Theme installation on hosting sites

Theme installation on hosting sites

Long story short, I have given up on hosting magento on my computer while trying to get everything to work. 


I have magento hosted on a server on inmotion hosting and I am trying to install a theme (proto) that I have purchased on it. Is there a documentation or anything that could help me do this? 

I studied for 6 months to understand the backend and frontend and read the documentations but I could never get the theme to show up. I have no idea what else to read or search for and at this point am just extremely frustrated. 


Thank you for any and all ahead ahead of time Smiley Happy


Re: Theme installation on hosting sites

if I understand correctly you, just installed a fresh magento 2 in inmotion hosting, brought a template and wants to install it?


The template should have the documentation folder. unzip it the whole template in your pc it should be there. if not let me know