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Theme not recognized

Theme not recognized



I have installed Magento2/Nginx/PHP7 using zip file and we are facing a problem with any theme we manually install under /app/design/frontend/Vendor/ThemeName.


We have tried several themes and made sure we had registration.php, theme.xml & composer.json with proper configuration however when we access the admin, we can't find any theme other than (Blank and Luma).


We tried to us:

magento setup:static-content:deploy


and we get this error:


Unable to load theme by specified key: 'Vendor/ThemeName'


any ideas why theme is not declared and what we are getting this error when we run deploy command?


we are tried all permissions, setup:upgrade command and its all same.

any help appreciated.....





Re: Theme not recognized

What design theme do you install?

Re: Theme not recognized

We tried couple of free themes, one from UberTheme. we copied theme folder under app/design/frontend/UberTheme/craft

we made sure all registration.php, theme.xml & composer.json following:


we also tried another theme and we get same error:


all themes doesnt show on the admin.


when we tried to deploy static files from magento setup command, we get this error:

Unable to load theme by specified key: 'UberTheme/craft'


Re: Theme not recognized



You can read more here:

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