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Theme not showing


Theme not showing

I'm trying to get a theme that I can play around with, so I copied everything from the Luma theme by doing the following;

cp -rp /var/www/html/magento/vendor/magento/theme-frontend-luma /var/www/html/magento/vendor/magento/theme-frontend-lima

Notice the slight change of name. I also verified that this kept ownership and permissions on the files.


I then edited theme.xml, registration.php and copmposer.json and changed every instance of luma to lima ensuring that I maintained correct case (ie; uppercase or lowercase).


Going into the Admin Panel and navigating to Content>Themes I see the Blank and Luna themes, but not my newly created theme.


I've followed all the documentation I can find and everything says that this should work. So why doesn't it?



Re: Theme not showing

Hi @Scorpio


Do not create your theme under vendor/magento direcorty. You should create it under app/design/frontend/<Vendor> directory where vendor may be a preferred name by you.


Please follow this url Create a theme to create a theme in Magento 2. Instead of copying all the content use theme inheritance. Refer Declare your theme  section of the above mentioned url.


If theme is not visible in the admin section try to clear caches and remove all the files under pub/static/frontend and var/view_preprocessed direcorties. 


Refer troubleshooting section on following url Apply and configure a theme in Admin



Problem Solved Click Accept as Solution!:Magento Community India Forum

Re: Theme not showing

Briliant. The change of location did the trick. Thank you.