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Which file contains the content of /customer/account/login

Which file contains the content of /customer/account/login



I want to change the content of this page: /customer/account/login


Which file in magento2 is responsible for the this page?


thank you


Re: Which file contains the content of /customer/account/login



You can enable template file, so you can know which file called

Store > Configuration > Advanced > Developer > Debug > Enabled Template Path Hints for Storefront > Yes


Hope it will work for you!!


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Sunil Patel
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Re: Which file contains the content of /customer/account/login


For customer/account/login action contents below file from Magento Customer module,

 This action contains XML file inside below path,



Path of template file is,


You can find details of title like , New Customers, Create an account

from file,


Above template file is responsible for content of login.phtml file


Above template file is calling block function from below Block class,


vendor/magento/module-customer/Block/Form/Login.php file

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Re: Which file contains the content of /customer/account/login

Thanks Rakesh.


You saved lots of time.Kudos.